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If you have entered our web-site then you are interested in developing of your business and increasing profits.

Maxgroup company specializes on realization of marketing researches on studying of the industrial markets and their advancement on the Russian market. We have an essential operational experience with industrial products and accurate submission about an information need of the enterprises working in this area. In our staff there are technical experts who have necessary knowledge for work with your equipment.

Within the limits of marketing research we will effectively answer following questions:

  • Volume of the market of Your goods and services ? 
  • Consumers of your production ?
  • Where are they? To evaluate appeal of separate regions or segments to company development.
  • Competitiveness of Your goods?
  • Who are Your competitors?  To allocate the basic competitors in the market.
  • Market scoping
  • Definition of competitive advantages of the company of the Client and competitors
  • Definition of a circle of your intending purchasers
  • Studying of commodity segments
  • Studying of consumers
  • Price researches
  • Definition of the most effective information channels
  • What sum of investments is necessary for development of your business?
  • To evaluate prospects of development of the company in the market

According to your desire, our company will help:

  • To Open representation in territory of the Russian Federation
  • To Find competent people who will advance your product
  • To Make a site and to translate the information into Russian
  • To Prepare sharing in necessary exhibitions and other publicity
  • To Find and acquaint intending purchasers with your production
  • If necessary to conduct goods certification

And, as well, we will help you to solute any question You may have.

The web-sites of our realized projects:,

Contact us and the result will surpass your expectations.

Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 781-75-04


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